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Painter Girl
Book Cover for "I Regni Elementali"
Happy elf girl
Illustration for "Pirin Cities Artbook"
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hiring an illustrator

"Workflow, costs, deadlines, everything was well defined and respected with precision."

Michele Widenhorn, author of "Byblum" RPG

hiring an illustrator

"She's inspiring and I'm very satisfied with the results."

Frank Turrini, author of "The Reaper" boardgame

hiring an illustrator

"I'm very satisfied, I achieved a professional improvement."

Alessio Spalluto, author of "Apocalypse Survive" RPG

hiring an illustrator

"Everything went smoothly and our expectations were satisfied."

Lorenzo Podestà, singer of Asuryan

hiring an illustrator

"Very satisifed, I achieved what I was looking for."

Carmen Panzica, Spiaggia Carmen 67

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