Develop your passion project with eye catching branding, packaging, web design & illustrations.


Editorial Illustrations • Illustrations for Games • Book Covers • Portraits

I bring your vision to life with illustrations that are worth a thousand words. I create each image by hand, tailored to your needs and with artisanal attention to detail. I prefer fantasy, Sci-Fi, horror and landscape themes.

  Comic Artist

Character Design • Colors • Comic Cover Art

I take care of the visual development of the characters, I color comic panels with different coloring styles and I create captivating covers.

  Graphic Design

Editing & Printing • Packaging • Art Decoration

I give your project the elegant and professional layout it deserves. I print on various merchandise and supports, guaranteeing optimal performance of the finished product. Upon request, I produce art decorations with unique designs.

  Professional Advice

Art Tutor • Visual Design Consultant

I provide lessons and professional consultancy in the artistic and creative field. I have experience as a teacher and tutor both individually and in groups. Or I can advise you on optimal visual communication for your idea.


Every project is unique, but this is the usual workflow that I like to follow as best practices. Each step is revised and approved by the client.


I investigate your goals and the scope of the project. I understand your vision and propose a tailor-made style guideline.


From the concept I develop 1-3 drafts with the key elements to define a direction.


The production steps from the sketch, lineart, coloring, up to the finished prototype. Each step is revised and approved by the client.


Final check and refinement with the client, for the final approval. Up to 2-3 non-destructive revisions.


Once the project is approved, it is packaged up and sent off to the client. Continuing support is always an option.

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