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I inspire people and make pixels shine

I'm Francesca Urbinati, a freelance illustrator based in Urbino, Italy. I have over twenty years of experience in different fields of visual communication. My main focus is to inspire people by illustrating books, board games and films.

I come from animated cinema, my first love. I animated 3D special effects for RAI and Mediaset and was part of the Adobe Gurus for the digital video area. I worked on the web, video games and augmented reality.

In 2011 I started publishing the comic series "Niki Batsprite" and specialized as an illustrator and comic artist. I teach and collaborate in different fields, from cinema to role-playing and board games.

Since 2013 I have been painting in the Performance Area of Lucca Comics & Games together with international artists.

Through my blog "Touched ByART" I help other artists to emerge.

Francesca Urbinati illustratrice e fumettista
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Editorial Illustrations • Illustrations for Games • Book Covers • Portraits

I bring your vision to life with illustrations that are worth a thousand words. I create each image by hand, tailored to your needs and with artisanal attention to detail. I prefer fantasy, Sci-Fi, horror and landscape themes.

  Comic Artist

Character Design • Colors • Comic Cover Art

I take care of the visual development of the characters, I color comic panels with different coloring styles and I create captivating covers.

  Graphic Design

Editing & Printing • Packaging • Art Decoration

I give your project the elegant and professional layout it deserves. I print on various merchandise and supports, guaranteeing optimal performance of the finished product. Upon request, I produce art decorations with unique designs.

  Professional Advice

Art Tutor • Visual Design Consultant

I provide lessons and professional consultancy in the artistic and creative field. I have experience as a teacher and tutor both individually and in groups. Or I can advise you on optimal visual communication for your idea.

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Feel free to leave me a message via the form, or you can get a hold of me at design@furbina.it

Lets create something beautiful and impactful.

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